Fresh Riddles!

I uploaded some of the riddles I’ve been meaning to upload for quite a while, and you can enjoy them in the riddles page. The new ones are:

For the last two I’d like to thank Yaniv Leviathan, whose page is a great source for cool new riddles.


Last Migration

So, no posts in the past six months. There are a few reasons for that:

  • I’ve been pretty busy.
  • The site was shabby, always getting nuked with spammers.
  • A great part of the old site was redundant and it annoyed me to even enter there (let alone post).
  • I was too lazy.

The flat-listing doesn’t do a great deal of justice, if I were to create a pie-chart of the percentage of effect of each cause it’d be something like 10-10-10-70, respectively. So in an attempt to get rid of 2, 3, and get rid of the annoying spam mails I’m receiving, I migrated my blog to WordPress.com.
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Optimizing Contest

No post in the past four months, guess nothing particularly interesting (except Turkey pix maybe), and the fact that I’m finally properly enrolled in Graduate degree for Technion.

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I will be visiting Istanbul between 2.8 and 14.8 (that’s starting from tomorrow). If you’re around, give me a shout. If you’re in deep need of Turkish Delight, let me know as well.

Here’s what I’m looking for: a simple program (perhaps a web-based one), in which I can “sign up” for any TV series I wish, then I’ll have “subscriptions” to them. This means, it will crawl epguides.com to see when new episodes are published/scheduled to publish, crawl to find a few torrent links whenever something new is published, and I’ll be able to “tell” it whenever I’ve downloaded and watched an episode.

Ultimately, I’ll have a table:

Show Watched Downloaded Published Scheduled
American Dad 101-117 101-119 215 – Four Little Words 222 – Mission Stan-Possible
Lost 101-314 101-314 316 – One of Us 323 – Through The Looking Glass (2)

Oh yeah, and it’ll also plug to uTorrent/Azureus and download what I want for me.

Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. So come on, open source developers, do it. You know the drill, whoever dies with most useful code (SVN “blame” lines) wins, so I’m basically giving you an opportunity here. You’re welcome.