Adobe is Failware

Recently, I bought my mother a nice Dell Inspiron 11z notebook/netbook. Today I took a couple of hours in order to install essentials, Microsoft Office, Skype, Firefox and finally, Adobe PDF Reader.

I fired up my browser and typed in “adobe.com”, expecting nothing more than a simple download, and running of an executable. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Adobe requested to install a Firefox plug-in, called Adobe DLM (Download Manager, as it appears). That, in its turn wanted to run another executable, which would finally do the favor of downloading that bloated piece of software at 38MB.

I actually went through the whole process, but when it finished, alas! Adobe PDF Reader was still nowhere to be found. I did have something else, though, called “Acrobat.com” on my desktop. Looking more carefully in the Control Panel, I saw that Adobe also took the liberty of installing Adobe AIR, which I have no idea what it is.

Looking up in the internet to understand what the hell all of this does all of this means, and I found a neat enough explanation here http://blog.sameerhalai.com/archives/adobe-the-next-hijacker/

I either had to go to the FTP site, ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/ and try to browse in there for version, language and my operating systems.

OR, I could simply install Foxit, an alternative product that weighs 5MB rather than 38. It installed in less than five minutes, including download, and from the looks of it, doesn’t fall short at all of Adobe Acrobat Reader. All that, without any of the headache, or the annoyances of continuous upgrade suggestions.

From now on, it’s GhostScript and (apparently) Foxit. You fail adobe. I moved on.


Today, a friend who came back from Singapore gave me an awesome gift – a 2x2x2 rubik’s cube. That surely sounds weird at first, so I’ll elaborate.

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hospital in ashdod

A few months ago, I saw a billboard that read the following “Why is there no hospital in Ashdod? Because Olmert is the puppet of the Finance Ministry”, and it also had a sketch in that nature.

Put aside Ehud Olmert‘s virtues as a prime minister, put aside the fact that the billboard was paid for by contractors who were supposed to build the Hospital, put aside even the discussion about the necessity of a Hospital in Ashdod. Let me emphasize – I’m not conveying an opinion regarding any parameters of this specific case. I’m talking about the easiness of “asking more” from the government.

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If you know me, you probably know by now that I was born in Turkey and I speak Turkish (If you don’t, why are you here?). Of all the languages I speak (in any level), Turkish is probably the least appealing grammarwise. It has an immense number of irregularities, and it’s very hard for anyone non-native to pick up the language.

However, Turkish makes up for it five folds when it comes to vocabulary, and in particular – proverbs. Turkish proverbs are the best ones I know, and to me it’s amazing how it uses such vulgar words to describe daily things in a funny way.

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what you should really do with sudoku

About a month ago, when I saw couple of people I know (who shall remain nameless) solving sudoku, I thought to myself “I can probably code a sudoku solver before they can finish this”. I didn’t have a computer there and then, but I saw how long it took them (about an hour or so), and I when I came home, I took up the challenge.

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